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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go fit step Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go snow blower Thornton, CO Online ends 12/14/2018 
Go padlock md45 Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go 2008 ford f550 Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go 2009 ford f350 Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go 2011 ford f350 Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go 2008 supreme sii Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go holt music records Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go 2 door metal cabinet Loveland, CO Online ends 12/18/2018 
Go 2004 sterling unknown Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go polyester plate maker Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go music and you records Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go assorted music records Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go blast chiller brand new Englewood, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go 2006 freightliner m2106 Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go crescor holding cabinet Thornton, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go 2005 western star 4900sa Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go 2005 western star 4900sa Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go 2005 western star 4900sa Commerce City, CO Live 12/18/2018- 
Go radar depth sensor 4-pack Avon, CO Online ends 12/16/2018 
Go delta rockwell bench drill press Boulder, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go lot of 182 mercury dimes (55731) Denver, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go antique cameo ring 10k size 6 (52979) Denver, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go lot of 9 morgan silver dollars (45628) Denver, CO Online ends 12/17/2018 
Go tomcat model 297 rider industrial sweeper Frederick, CO Online ends 12/28/2018 
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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