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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go dog igloo Longmont, CO Online ends 2/28/2018 
Go dell monitors Montrose, CO Online ends 2/28/2018 
Go dental equipment Montrose, CO Online ends 2/28/2018 
Go 150 000 lbs (approx. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 150 000 lbs (approx. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 150 000 lbs (approx. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go international ce (2009) Westminster, CO Live 3/12/2018-3/19/2018 
Go dental system carts 3 ea Montrose, CO Online ends 2/28/2018 
Go montana report books qyt. 9 Pueblo, CO Online ends 3/6/2018 
Go 1995 reform 61 dm 5592 suspense knife grinder 168-9401. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 1997 abrasive blast systems model 1624-1268 media blaster. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 15pcs dell latitude laptops to include: 3ea d630 with core 2 duo processor 1. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 14pcs dell latitude laptops to include: 3ea d630 with intel core 2 duo processor 2. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 130ea(apprx) to include: 10ea hdt tent liner used; 120ea(apprx) frame molle foliage green. Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 1 triwall & 1 pallet medical to include: hospital chair; sanitary medical pad; medical dental light Westminster, CO Online 3/15/2018-3/19/2018 
Go 13ea 1se packs to include: 5e assault pack color foliage green used; 4ea main bag color coyote brown Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 18 pcs on 2 plts networking equipment to include: (1) ibm 8677 blade center; (2) ibm system x 3650 s Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 18 each nokian michelin & linglong heavy & lt used tires various sizes with cuts & worn no rims dunn Westminster, CO Online 3/16/2018-3/20/2018 
Go 19 ea anthro four wheel computer workstations dimensions 57 x 48 x 36 inches (asset id 3429123) remo Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 14 ea filing cabinets to include: (5) 63'x36'x18'' aluminum two door storage cabinets (5) 28'x36'x18 Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 
Go 17 ea storage equipment to include: (2) 84'x48'x24' storage shelves (12) assorted metro racks (3) fo Thornton, CO Online 3/12/2018-3/14/2018 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

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