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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go generator Salem, OR Online ends 10/23/2017 
Go golf ball washer Albany, OR Online ends 10/25/2017 
Go wood computer desk Eugene, OR Online ends 11/9/2017 
Go 20' x 7' free standing building Salem, OR Online ends 10/25/2017 
Go national 1-3/8" shell reamer 100365c11 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/9/2017 
Go banner pit46u fiber optic cable 102868d24 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/9/2017 
Go kistler type 5606a connection patchbox 102215c10 Corvallis, OR Online ends 10/28/2017 
Go chief pac520 mileston mounts multiple option construction box 101867b2 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/1/2017 
Go thomas duplex professional photography darkroom super safelight 101800d22 Corvallis, OR Online ends 10/23/2017 
Go hp 2013 sff f0k75aa wall mount security sleeve system under-desk 103703b5 Corvallis, OR Online ends 10/28/2017 
Go carl zeiss lt-177z halogen illuminator bulb 6v 15w bartels and stout 102869c20 Corvallis, OR Online ends 10/28/2017 
Go new plain microscope slides 144 slides erie scientific 25x75mm a thick 21937c5 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/9/2017 
Go kimble buret 17027-100 100ml clear kimax glass straight bore class "a" 103904d3 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/3/2017 
Go toa a-903mk2 amplifier - 8 channel - 30 watts - audio mixer power amp 102637c21 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/3/2017 
Go kodak super 8 4-x reversal film 7277 black and white 50 ft 15m 4xr 464 102244c10 Corvallis, OR Online ends 11/3/2017 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

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