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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go saws + welder Jacksonville, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go metal bookcase Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go water storage tank Mt Vernon, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go hp deskjet printer Portland, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go metal file cabinets Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go protective canopies Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go musical instruments Roseburg, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go blue + beige carpet Warrenton, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go hp 3390a integrator Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go plastic garbage cans Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go misc office furniture Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go misc office furniture Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go misc office furniture Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go chromatography columns Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go locker and metal bolt bins Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go dayton alternator power plant Cave Junction, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go computer laptop hp elitebooks Corvallis, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go chevrolet k2500 suburban (1996) Newport, OR Online 12/15/2017-12/14/2017 
Go leader lcg-400 ntsc pattern generator 104364d10d Corvallis, OR Online ends 1/6/2018 
Go eeg di en470 digital smart encoder iii 105295c11c Corvallis, OR Online ends 12/18/2017 
Go kistler type 5606a connection patchbox 102215c10a Corvallis, OR Online ends 12/31/2017 
Go japan nikon stereo zoom microscope gray 102749d20a Corvallis, OR Online ends 12/20/2017 
Go black box sr001a power center unit module 104729d21c Corvallis, OR Online ends 1/7/2018 
Go new leco 601-390 quick disc disconnect tube 105308c4a Corvallis, OR Online ends 12/20/2017 
Go tsi ifa-300 constant temperature anemometer 104892b7d Corvallis, OR Online ends 1/12/2018 
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Friday, December 15, 2017

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