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Registered users get full  access to the government auctions and foreclosure information and directories on this website. Annual membership is only $39.95 and INSTANT ACCESS is guaranteed! Learn what it takes to genuinely be successful buying seized, surplus, and abandoned property at all types of government  auctions and foreclosures. Click Here to Activate Your Account!
3 Become an Affiliate Today and Earn CASH

Become an Affiliate Today and Earn CASH!





Government-Auctions-Guide.com is a popular and comprehensive membership-based web-site that helps bargain hunters find and participate in government auctions of seized and surplus, property (such as real estate, cars, electronics, art, jewelry and equipment), that can often be bought at a substantial discount. In order to share in the success of Government-Auctions-Guide.com, we have created an affiliate program that guarantees one of the highest payout packages and the most lucrative commission structure simply because of the high quality of the product!

Join our affiliate program and start making easy money today!

We have conveniently set up a 4-tier pay-per-sale program, which pays our affiliates up to more than 50% of every $39.95 sale, that they produce. How does automatically getting up to $20 in your pocket when a user activates an account with us, sound to you? We think that that is a pretty attractive offer, not to mention all of the other perks and benefits outlined at the bottom of the page.

The convenient 4-tier commission structure, gives affiliates the opportunity to have more control over their revenue. The structure is set up as follows:

Tier 1: Base- $15.00 for every annual membership referred;

Tier 2: Refer 25 or more annual memberships in one month and receive $16.50 per sale thereafter;

Tier 3: Refer 100 or more annual memberships in one month and receive $18.00 per sale thereafter;

Tier 4: Refer 250 or more annual memberships in one month and receive $20.00 per sale thereafter;

By signing up for the Government-Auctions-Guide.com affiliate program you will:

  • Receive pay per sale commissions on a regular basis by referring  annual subscriptions to our site,
  • Have easy and convenient access to our latest and best converting creatives, including new text creatives, banners, videos, widgets, and our data feed (coming soon);
  • Custom banner and link creations upon request
  • Receive speedy and dedicated support from our Affiliate Program Manager and the whole affiliate team!

Government-Auctions-Guide.com has conveniently teamed up with ShareASale to host our affiliate program in order for our affiliates to receive the maximum amount of support and to be able to quickly turn the clicks from their traffic into $$$cash$$$!

 For questions about the affiliate program, please contact Olga at affiliates@government-auctions-guide.com

 Join us now!

Friday, July 12, 2024

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